Welling United supporters have the chance to win big while helping their club by taking part in a Last One Standing competition in October. 

The competition works as a fundraiser for the football club, while also giving you the opportunity to take home a cash prize by guessing a winning team from the weekly Premier League fixtures. 

Click here to enter Welling United’s Last One Standing competition. 

Here’s how it works: 

Entry into the competition is £10. Each week, starting from October 1st, those in the competition pick one team from the list of Premier League fixtures. Importantly, a player cannot select the same team/club more than once – so you can’t pick Manchester City each week! 

If the team you pick wins, you’ll progress to the next round, if your team lose or draw, you’ll be eliminated. The competition continues week by week until one person is left – that person is the winner and will be crowned the ‘Last One Standing’.

The benefit to Welling United:

50% of the total pot will go back to the club. £5 of your £10 entry will benefit the club you support, while the other £5 will be going into the pot for the final prize. 

The prize: 

The number of participants governs the final prize money. The more people you get involved in the game, the bigger the prize money will be and the more the club will benefit. 

For example, if 100 people enter the competition, £1,000 has been raised in total. With Welling United receiving 50% of the total pot, that will leave £500 for the winner. 

Click here to enter Welling United’s Last One Standing competition.