Welling United are supporting the Take a Knife, Save a Life charity to help tackle knife crime.

Take a Knife, Save a Life, who were named as matchball sponsor for Saturday’s fixture against Concord Rangers at Park View Road, is a charitable organisation that’s main objectives are to tackle knife crime. The charity uses a variety of volunteers with different skill sets and qualifications, including:-SIA/CP trained, first aiders, safe guarding, youth workers, mental health first aiders, boxing coaches and football coaches.

Founded by Stephen Gowers in the wake of the horrific and senseless murder of teenager Jodie Chesney in 2019. This senseless murder inspired the community of Havering to stand up and join together to raise awareness and combat knife crime in the community. 



Gowers, who was in attendance at Park View Road on Saturday, said: “It’s fantastic for us to get involved with Welling United because we do some fantastic work, but we can’t do it on our own, we need all the support we can get, so we really appreciate the help.

“It’s all about sending the right message to young people. I went down the wrong path when I was a kid which is something I really regret, and kids just need a little bit of guidance to make sure they go in the right direction.”

Wings Chairman Paul Whitehead added: “Knife crime is an epidemic that needs eradicating and, as a club, we have a responsibility to help make a change.

“We have seen how knife crime can effect our local community and Take a Knife, Save a Life have all of our support to help in whatever way we can.”

Click here to find out more about Take a Knife, Save a Life and to donate to their cause