Supporters’ Ambassador, Jake Wright, provides an update on some of the latest goings on around Park View Road…

Hello Wings!

It may be the start of the off season, but the updates won’t be stopping as there is plenty of communication to take place. As will be stated below, we finally have some evidence showing that the hard work and togetherness we have adopted in recent months is paying off.

I am absolutely delighted to confirm that we have a record number of season ticket sales in the first weekend of being on sale. This is absolutely phenomenal news as it shows us fans are buying into the cause, we are creating a community back at the club we love and we will have stability back at Park View Road going forward.

The number of season ticket sales is nearly 50% of last year’s sales in just 4 days, how incredible is that!!

It has always been the same message; without fans Welling United doesn’t exist, and time and time again our fanbase rises above and delivers when we need them most.

I personally cannot wait for the season to start, there is so much planned going forward bringing a new sense of life into the club. If you haven’t already, get your season ticket and back Rod’s Wings in 24/25!

Another fantastic opportunity for us fans going forward will be the chance to have our say on renaming the Marquee Bar. I have personally been so keen on bringing this into place, it gives us a chance to recognise that we are valued in our club and gain a feeling of achievement, a “we did that” kind of achievement.

This is still in the early stages, and it will take time to implement a professional system, but I can promise everyone reading that this will take place. We have a goal to have this open for the European Championships in the summer – a real acknowledgment of how important our fans are to the success of this club!

Another thing to recognise is that there are extensive plans to reach back out into our community. A team of people have been allocated in the next weeks / couple of months to go into local shops and businesses communicating our plans, looking for sponsorships to raise funds, showing off what we offer, handing out leaflets, advertisement of the facilities, giving away free tickets and expanding the brand of Welling United back where it belongs.

We are one of the only clubs located in the heart of our community, on the high street and it is imperative that we remain consistent in maintaining the strong relationships we have built over the years.

Over the last few months, it has also been communicated by multiple fans that we need a refurbishment and innovative food facilities in the ground. Fans asked, yet again we listened. We plan to bring a new food facility (to be announced soon) and a change to the food van, with bacon and sausage rolls to be served with the usual portion of chips. A more popular and affordable choice to our fans just like they have asked for. The aim is to reduce queues and increase the amount of people served, as we know that has been a recent issue.

Also, as written below these are a couple short notices for us fans…

Working Weekends  – the club plans to have a couple of working weekends, where we plan to repaint and tidy up the ground. Dates to be announced in due course.
Sponsorships are available to anyone interested – posted on all socials. Sponsorship is a huge financial source for the club helping us remain financially stable. (The sponsorship brochure for the 2024/25 season can be viewed by clicking here)

Just to end, the club is finally in the hands of a group of individuals all with the same mindset, to thrive together as a community. The attitude of everyone is perfect, fans come first always and that will always be our priority. The potential is unbelievable, I cannot wait to share with you some more exciting plans in future updates!

Have a fantastic summer, Wings!

Jake Wright – Supporters Ambassador